About Us

We are a specialized online store dedicated to art works and interior design services, developing art pieces and create projects for our customers so they can enjoy and experiment nice and interesting spaces making them feel more comfortable.

About Art-Ark.com

My name is ART-ARK and I have always been interested in art and architecture in all its forms, these disciplines beyond the ultimate purpose of decoration and protection, are objects and spaces that speak of a time lag in particular, with all the social implications of an era, made with tools, materials, and knowledge of a certain date, therefore, speaks of a history, the history of ourselves and our evolution.

I have created this space with the purpose of showing works that speak about our time, I pursue complement art and architecture through artistic pieces and tips for improving the appearance of your spaces, so this website share art collections that can be aquired by our customers in a simple, fast and easy way.

Throughout the entire purchasing process I'll be attending any questions you might have.

Design of Art-Ark.com

Myself was created through a process of design where I was captured just in a phase of concentration and inspiration, and that is exactly what I represent, the thinking phase which all creator going through is what makes possible the culmination of his work.


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