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About Us
About Us

We are an online shop of works of art and design services, we create pieces and projects so you can have spaces more pleasant, interesting and where you feel most comfortable.


I have created this space with the aim of showing works that speak of our time, I want to complement art and architecture through artistic pieces and tips to improve the appearance of the spaces we live.

Throughout the entire process of buying i'll be attending in any questions you have and I will make sure that the work arrives in perfect condition to your home. My name is ART-ARK and I have always been interested in art and architecture in all its forms, these disciplines beyond the ultimate purpose of decoration and protection, are objects and spaces that speak of a time in particular, with all the social implications of an era, made with the tools, materials, and knowledge of a certain date, therefore, speaks of a history, the history of ourselves and our evolution.


 Artist Statement:

I recall non-existent and provocative spaces using different sets of plans, architecture and environment’s geometry inspire me to compose unreal spaces. Lines, areas, angles represent the surreal world that I paint. My style emphasizes the universality of visual abstraction in developed compositions of patterns and forms, I try to suggest space within these geometric arrangements, and my main object is try to establish a sense of place within the painting.

My art represents places that can only be in the imagination and are simply not possible in the physical world. My technique is based in oil on canvas and my ideas come from around me, I like to break down what I see into forms which I consider attractive, using vibrant colors to accentuate forms. I use oil painting because its natural sheen accentuates the colors and highlights the shapes I draw on my paintings.


  • ARCHITECT - University of Monterrey, Mexico.
  • MBA - Rioja University, Madrid, Spain.
  • Contemporary technical painting – Accademia d’arte – Florence, Italy.

Art Experiences:


  • Artworks selected for group exhibition at 1619 Flux: Art + Activism, Louisville, KY.
  • Exhibit at the Louisville Orchestra Art Event, The Jeffersonian, KY.
  • Exhibit at Louisville’s 3° annual Awards in the Arts presented by Fund for the Arts, Churchill Downs, and Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, KY.


  • Artwork showcased on London A5 magazine October issue.
  • Exhibition at St. James Court Art Show, Louisville KY, USA.
  • Online Semifinalist at Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, Miami USA. 
  • Choosen artworks for Alley Gallery, public art exhibiton at Louisville Downtown KY, USA.
  • Artwork showcased on Best of the Best, Notable Artists, by Art Impact USA, Washington D.C.
  • Group show at 5-0-LOU Gallery, Louisville KY, USA.
  • Group show at Tim Faulkner Gallery, Winter and Summer show, Louisville KY, USA.
  • Sale of artworks based on customize design (oil paintings).


  •  Artworks displayed in EKU Center for the Arts, Lexington KY, USA.
  • Artworks featured in Art Yellow Book #2, by CICA Museum, South Korea.
  • Paintings exhibited in “O” Gallery, Nashville TN, USA.
  • Group show on Andersonville 14th annual show at Chicago IL, USA.
  • One of the five finalist in ArtPrize Pitch Night in Louisville with the sculpture project The Hole.





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