Last news

  • St James Court Art Show


    Happy of being part of this huge show as an emerging artist! 

  • ​Notable Artist Showcase


    The art piece Solitary thoughts by Andrea Alonso ( is part of the showcase Best of the Best, Notable Artists. 

    The exhibition is hosted by Art Impact™ USA, a non profit organization headquartered in Washington DC ​with offices in Virginia, and New York.  Art Impact™ USA mission is to cultivate, grow and support artists so that their creative gifts enrich our lives. Also emboldens an enriched world community through support of its multi-cultural, multi-national artists.

    Click the link so you can see all the artwork selected for the reception:

  • 6° Annual Summer Group Show


    The Summer Group Show began at Tim Faulkner Gallery 6 years ago as a precursor to the fall season. This year's show will feature work from Andrea Alonso (

    The Tim Faulkner Gallery (TFG) inLouisville, KY,  and boasts 26,000 square feet of Art and Performance space. Housed in an old warehouse, this gallery features working studios, a 5,000 square foot exhibition space and nearly 10,000 square feet of performance space with a fully operational stage appointed with a state of the art sound system. 




  • Alley Gallery

    NOTICIA12 was selected to be one of the doors of Alley Galley, Downtown Louisville. 

    Thanks to Louisville Downtown Partnership for this great opportunity. 


  • Louisville Grows 1° Artshow


    First exposition at Healthy House celebrating the inauguration of the new facility of Louisville Grows.

    Three-month exhibition, March to June 2017, where you can appreciate the work of different artists of the locality and learn about the effort of this great association to improve the community and its environment.