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  • Contemporary arts


    Amazing experience studying contemporary art at Accademía d’arte Firenze, I was learning for two weeks in an intensive course surrounded by a city full of masterpieces.

  • St James Court Art Show


    Happy of being part of this huge show as an emerging artist! 

  • ​Notable Artist Showcase


    The art piece Solitary thoughts by Andrea Alonso ( is part of the showcase Best of the Best, Notable Artists. 

    The exhibition is hosted by Art Impact™ USA, a non profit organization headquartered in Washington DC ​with offices in Virginia, and New York.  Art Impact™ USA mission is to cultivate, grow and support artists so that their creative gifts enrich our lives. Also emboldens an enriched world community through support of its multi-cultural, multi-national artists.

    Click the link so you can see all the artwork selected for the reception:

  • 6° Annual Summer Group Show


    The Summer Group Show began at Tim Faulkner Gallery 6 years ago as a precursor to the fall season. This year's show will feature work from Andrea Alonso (

    The Tim Faulkner Gallery (TFG) inLouisville, KY,  and boasts 26,000 square feet of Art and Performance space. Housed in an old warehouse, this gallery features working studios, a 5,000 square foot exhibition space and nearly 10,000 square feet of performance space with a fully operational stage appointed with a state of the art sound system. 




  • Alley Gallery

    NOTICIA12 was selected to be one of the doors of Alley Galley, Downtown Louisville. 

    Thanks to Louisville Downtown Partnership for this great opportunity.